About us

Blessbuck is a Spanish brand whose products are made following a traditional process by craftsmen with more than 40 years of experience. Its philosophy is based on three fundamental pillars whose combination gives rise to the success of our shoes: comfort, quality and design.

The feet are the part of the body that suffers most daily, so it is important to pamper them and dress them in comfortable shoes. Blessbuck provides that security to our customers, knowing that besides being elegant and suitable for any situation, they will be comfortable.

The comfort of our footwear is achieved through the use of skins, soles and a type of high quality stitching, sewn "Blake", which brings greater flexibility to our shoes.

We are quality guarantee given that we use selected skins and tanned by the best professionals, omitting in any case the use of synthetic elements that yield no other result than rigidity and poor durability.

Blessbuck also plays a fundamental role in soles being a part of great relevance in footwear, therefore, we use the best: leather, rubber, mixed, gum, vibram and crepe.

Regarding the design, we are clear what kind of shoes we want to throw: classic shoes, select and elegant, but at affordable prices, providing our customers the best value for money currently on the market.

Wellcome to Blessbuck!



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