Blessbuck Size Guide

The right choice of your size is decisive so that you can feel and enjoy the quality of our shoes to the maximum.
The size usually varies according to the type of footwear, so we invite you to measure your foot in a very simple and clear to make it easier to choose the right footwear.

Step 1. In the link at the bottom of this page download and print the template on an A4 size folio.
Step 2. Verify that the scale of the rule is correct.
Step 3. Cut the folio along the dotted line.
Step 4. Place the template on the floor by pasting the trimmed dotted line next to the skirting board to serve as a boundary.
Step 5. Place your bare foot on the template by gluing the heel to the footboard and using a pencil that is placed vertically to the longest finger (it does not always have to be the thumb) and makes a mark.

Attention: If you are between two numbers, we recommend that you choose the superior.

You can download this template in PDF by actual size by clicking on this link: Size Guide Blessbuck


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