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At the beginning of the 20th century the first great ports of the Costa Azul began to emerge, in which the upper classes enjoyed their summer days practicing nautical sports. The problem arose when they climbed onto the yacht decks and the sole of their shoes made them slip on the wet surface. For this reason, the need arose to create a non-skid model that would eliminate the risk of slippage.

It is in 1935, when Paul Sperry, a passionate American tycoon of navigation, creates the first nautical of history. One winter afternoon, walking with his cocker spaniel dog, Prince noticed the ease with which the dog kept his balance on the ice. He examined the dog's paws carefully and found that the grooves on the pads were what kept them stable on the surfaces. It is then when as an experiment, he took a piece of rubber, made a few crevices and placed it under his shoe. It was thus that Paul Sperry was able to increase the traction of the footwear so that the sailors could enjoy its days of navigation without fear to slip by the cover of its yachts.


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